May 14, 2019


Dear Mount Royal Community,

We write to you today excited to invite you to a meeting at the school to discuss the vision for Mount Royal going forward. As he finishes his first year at Mount Royal as principal, Principal Skeen is eager to have a conversation about the school’s vision and future directly with you.


To give some background, you’ll remember that throughout January we held a series of visioning meetings as part of the principal selection process to hear from all of you about what you want to see at Mount Royal. That process and the feedback collected led the School Family Council Executive Committee to recommend Principal Skeen to be the next permanent principal at Mount Royal and he was formally appointed at a Board meeting in February.


This meeting will be a chance for you to hear from Principal Skeen, react to his initial thinking around the path forward, and be a part of a collaborative conversation about the short and longterm vision for Mount Royal. The meeting will take place at the May School Family Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 28th at 5pm in the school library. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Principal Skeen wants to hear from you.


We are excited about the trajectory of Mount Royal and are excited for the community to come together for this conversation. Thank you for your support of Mount Royal as always.



Lindsay Vollentine and Steve Skeen


Lindsay Vollentine                                                                  Steve Skeen
Instructional Leadership Executive Director                      Principal
Community Learning Network 3                                          Mount Royal Elementary/Middle Baltimore City Schools                                                           Baltimore City Schools