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Open Houses

Thursday, December 1st 9 am- 10 am

Thursday, January 12th, 9 am-10 am

Proposed Quarters 

First Quarter: August 29th to November 1st
Second Quarter: November 2nd to January 20th
Third Quarter: January 23rd to March 30th
Fourth Quarter: March 31st to June 13th

Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 5th: ½ Day of School &

                  Parent Conferences
March 8th: ½ Day of School &

                Parent Conferences

Monthly Early Release and Closing Days
September 5th- Closed 

October 5th- Early Release

October 21st- Closed

November 2nd- Early Release

November 8th- School Closed (Election Day!)

November 9th - School Closed

November 23rd- 25th- School Closed

December 14th- Early Release

December 23rd- January 2nd- Winter Break

January 11th- Early Release

January 16th- MLK Day, Schools Closed

*These dates are subject to change.

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