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Mount Royal School Community Garden

A pollinator micro-habitat and outdoor classroom located on the southeast corner of the school. 


Project support provided by the following organizations:

  • Open daily from sunrise to sunset, except during heavy snow

  • The space is intended for students as well as the community — as a shared place of learning, relaxation, enjoyment and care-taking. Be respectful of others when in the space.

  • Please mind your step and stay on pathways. Plants are fragile and we want to keep them beautiful.

  • Dogs are not permitted. They may disrupt conservation goals.

  • This is a designated no smoking and litter-free place. If you find litter, kindly take it with you and dispose of properly.  


If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with this initiative or lend a hand in helping our garden to take shape, please email PTO Co-Presidents, Kimberly Canale & Florencia Gutierrez.

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