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The Partners In Education (PIE) Portal is the platform City Schools now uses to track partnerships and connect local organizations with our schools.

During these uncertain times, as City Schools and our entire state and country meet new challenges every day, our partner community is more vital than ever. We hope you will join with City Schools to address the needs of our students and families. 

If you're not already registered in our PIE Portal, please apply. If you are registered, sign-in to update your profile and add an offer, or take a moment to view the resource requests our campuses have created.

For more information on volunteering or becoming a partner, please contact our Community School Coordinator, Ketia Jamerson, at

Volunteering at Mount Royal 


Whether you are a professional looking to share your time or talent, a community member wanting to give back, or a parent looking to support the school, we are thankful for your interest in Mount Royal School.

Become a Partner


“Partnerships”  describe a range of relationships with people and organizations outside of the school system.  Partners are usually organizations, but may also be individuals who are committed to bringing resources to the school.

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