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Vision: Mount Royal students will unlock their individual, exceptional abilities in order to choose how they will make the community and world a better place.


Mission: We will provide the Mount Royal School community an equitable environment where it is encouraged and safe for students to take academic risks that help them identify and build skills, interests, and confidence that they can carry and apply in our communities.


Gifted and Advanced Learning

​Gifted and Talented Education services are available to students in Grades K-12 throughout Maryland. Multiple criteria are reviewed to identify students who need high-end services within an authentic curriculum of rigorous performance expectations. 

Advanced Academics/Honors

In our highly selective Honors and Advanced Academic classes, students benefit from a rigorous common core, college preparatory curriculum. Mt. Royal is one of 10 schools implementing SpringBoard in English Language Art, written and published by CollegeBoard. Students in these Advanced and Honors classes complete the curriculum of the grade level above in ELA and math. Students' grades will be weighted more heavily toward high school composite scores.

The Ingenuity Project

The Ingenuity Project is a highly competitive program for 6th-8th graders.  Students are exposed to a  rigorous curriculum for Science and Math.  Students take Singapore Math, Life Science, Earth Science, and Physics.


The Ingenuity Project is a joint effort of the Baltimore City Public School System, The Abell Foundation, and Baltimore’s science and mathematics community. Ingenuity is committed to ensuring the program reflects the ethnicity, gender, and income of Baltimore City households by recruiting and cultivating students with high potential and interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) from historically underserved populations. 

All students will take the Algebra HSA in 8th grade.

SPAR (Special Area Resources)

Each class follows a combination of National and State Standards as well as an original creation.

Health Education
Lessons are designed to develop essential health skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors. Units of focus are: Mental and Emotional Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Family Life and Human Sexuality, Disease Prevention and Control, Personal and Consumer Health, Safety and Injury Prevention.  

Physical Education 

This year in physical education class, students will develop skills for worthy use of leisure times, engage in activities that are conducive to healthy living, develop socially, and contribute to their physical and mental health. Also, students will learn about The Five Health-Related Components and Skill-Related Components through sports. 

Art Education

Art is everywhere in Ms. V.W.’s class! While there is always an emphasis on self-expression, students will also create works of art based on art movements, famous artists, and other elements from art history. They will learn the elements and principles of art to prepare them for middle and high school, through printmaking, sculpture, painting, and drawing. 



Elementary students are now learning to say questions and answer in Spanish using the vocabulary of the unit. This quarter the 8th graders built a house and practiced the close reading using the information about Hispanic Culture. Sixth graders wrote conversations in Spanish using the vocabulary of the unit we talked about tu país y nuestros vecinos y las familias and incorporated Hispanic information to learn to write in Spanish. 

Music Education

Students will experience both instrumental and vocal music this year! We are excited to partner with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids to bring instruments into Mt Royal. We look forward to incredible performances soon!



This is our second year with Coding at Mount Royal and we have partnered with local organization, Code in the Schools to bring elementary and middle-school computer coding classes. These project-based enrichment classes expose youth to a wide range of CS concepts early.



Total Enrollment: 762

Grades: Pre-K - 8th Grade

School Hours: 8:00 AM – 2:40 PM

Late Bell: 8:15 AM

No. of Teachers: 44

Student-Teacher Ratio: 25: 1

Classrooms Per Grade:  

Pre-K (1) / K - 5th (2) / 6 - 8th (4-5)



Elementary: Yellow Tops and Khaki Bottoms


6th Grade: Burgundy Tops and Khaki Bottoms​ 

7th Grade:  Light Blue Tops and Khaki Bottoms

8th Grade: Gray Tops and Khaki Bottoms 


7:55 AM: Students will be picked up outside by their teachers and walk-in side - students my pick up breakfast to eat in the classroom when they enter.


8:15 AM: Students are considered late and must enter through the front entrance on McMechen Street and stop in the main office to receive a late pass.

2:40 PM: Dismissal. Teachers will escort students out of their designated doors. Pre-K – 2nd-grade teachers stay with their students until the parents pick them up or until 2:50. 

2:50 PM: All students that have not been picked up will be escorted to the office and families will be phoned. If students are not picked up by 3:15, the Department of Social Services will be notified.

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